is an online tool for engineers and specifiers to design the Earthbound System, a continuous tension rod system for wood framed structures. Engineered with the SlackJack holdown and ChubbySmack anchoring system.   Canada
NBCC '15

  U.S. Codes
IBC '18/CBC '16

The Earthbound SlackJack Holdown system used in wood framed and steel framed structures to restrain seismic, hurrican, snow load and wind load forces.

A seismic holdown, hurrican holdown and general shearwall holdown: an all-in-clusive holdown system for your buildings needs.

A self-tighting and shrinkage compensating hold-down solution to suppliment your wall anchor solutions.

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  Review a sample project: View this less than 3 minute video and watch how fast you can create a project and generate a run along with supporting reports and a DXF file.   View sample reports: After generating your Earthbound Run the system will also supply you with the supporting reports: (preview below) Reports DXF file Shop Drawings
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